"Beautiful Noises"

This song was written as an expression of the kind of letdown that happens at the end of a good night out. So much of that time spent out is chasing lust or love or friendship or companionship of some sort, and when you go home empty handed it’s a bit of an empty experience. There is also a comedown from the high of being in that kind of ecstatic environment; being fully immersed in an experience of some kind that is removed from the everyday.

This is a song about how it’s always there for you again, the bands will set up and play for you, the DJ will fill up the club with music and you can get swept up in it again.

The chorus focuses on the desire to connect with someone on some level, to be looked at, longed for, to look at and long for. Attention is a biological need for us, and we’re slaves to it. That need helps drive the illusion, or shared hallucination that makes our night haunts seem so appealing until the lights come up. It’s a powerful drug that helps us overlook the flaws, the smell of stale booze, the bad sound system or whatever and just get caught up in it.