"Kids Know - It's a Dream"

The lyrics to this one are kind of intentionally vague, because I wrote them based on a dream that I had.

In the dream there were children racing sea monsters like drag racing cars, but in a river. I think it was the Thames, or Maybe the Hudson. I had this sense of absolute fear in the dream that these gruesome monsters were going to maul and eat the kids, who were five or six years old. But, at the same time, it was kind of an in-joke with the kids that they were perfectly safe, that the monsters were their friends, would never hurt them. So the joke was on the rest of us. That was part of the thrill, making everyone else think they were in mortal danger when they weren’t.

I didn’t try to layer anything else on the basic theme of the dream, I just tried to capture it as basically as I could. I wanted to leave it kind of vague because the dream was very vivid, but began to fade very quickly from my memory even as I wrote it down. I wanted to keep that feeling that there was more to it, but you just couldn’t quite get there... you have to imagine the rest.